Life Suites - Mykonos
“You are the artist of your life. Don’t hand the paint brush to anyone else…”

Carved by the Aegean meltemi winds and salty waves ashore, Mykonos bears the timeless mark of nature and encompasses the authentic Cycladic living. Life Suites welcomes you to an incomparable experience of comfort and relaxation, infused with the true colors and aromas of Mykonos. Dive in a splendid accommodation option, away from the crowds and yet maintaining smooth access to Chora with its vibrant identity, along with all the major attractions of the island.
Walk your own Path, embrace Life - Life Suites

Walk your own Path, embrace Life

In perfect alignment with the natural surroundings, each suite has been especially designed to ooze with unmatched comfort and style. Soak under the sun in between your refreshing dives at the pool, cherishing fine moments of stillness all around you. And at sunset, get ready for a chromatic explosion filling the sky.

Set out on the journey of a lifetime, following your dreams in Life Suites. After all, “You are the artist of your life. Don’t hand the paint brush to anyone else…”
Enjoy your stay at the brand-new Life Suites, a place of unparalleled comfort that welcomes you to a holiday experience you will cherish for a lifetime in Mykonos. All the suites have been designed with respect to the natural surroundings, offering a contemporary retreat that allows guests to relax and take in the island’s extraordinary vibe. 

Guest services - Life Suites

Guest services

Our goal at Life Suites is to provide the ultimate holiday retreat for you and your loved ones in Mykonos.
To that end, we have created a place that is aesthetically pleasing, modern yet infused with the island’s timeless character, filled with all the facilities and amenities that take your stay to the next level.

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